This workshop will bring together critical and trendy topics such as people, real estate, and culture in organizations.

The purpose of this workshop is to create awareness among the participants about the following aspects:

  • How important it is for businesses to have a work space strategy as talent attraction, engagement, and retention tool. How employees feel in their workplace.
  • How organizations maintain productivity while being more efficient with an effective work space strategy, creating spaces that are purposeful and taking into consideration how the teams work. The importance of the company culture and goals when planning new workspace
  • The future of work: How work space transformation supports greater flexibility and organizational agility.
  • How an effective work space strategy could promote communication or separation, increase team interaction, support well-being, and create a space that reflects the business' culture and values. How employees feel int eh own work space.
  • How to physically manage different cultures and a multi-generation workforce that coexists and works under the same roof

This event is open to the public

Complimentary admission, breakfast and parking

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