Come celebrate a Spring afternoon at Terrace on the Park to learn about the many products Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc. has to offer to help the often under-served communities in their residential and commercial needs!

Join us to the wine and cheese networking drafted for small business owners looking to buy commercial property, mixed-use commercial or condo units.

This events is designed specially for:

Real estate agents, brokers, attorneys, accountants and other professionals in the field, and potential buyers.

Non-QM - No Income Verification/Bank Statements

  • Residential and Investment Properties
  • Investment Properties' Income/Expense
  • Self Employment Types

Mixed-Use and Commercial Financing

  • Income Producing Properties/DSCR Qualification
  • Commercial Loans
  • Construction, acquisition, rehabilitation


  • New/Existing Project Eligibility
  • Non-Warrantable Condos

Registration is open to all, subject to approval.


Complimentary admission and parking is available.



  • Edith O

    Edith O'Donnell

    CEO of Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc. at Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.

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  • Bruce Hill (Account Executive at Lyons Mortage Services, INC.)

    Bruce Hill

    Account Executive at Lyons Mortage Services, INC.

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  • Nicos Tziazas (President at Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.)

    Nicos Tziazas

    President at Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.

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  • Thomas J. Grech (President & CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce)

    Thomas J. Grech

    President & CEO of Queens Chamber of Commerce

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